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Here at (SAI DESIGN & BUILD LLC), we offer quality (all Phase Construction) in a welcoming environment. Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we offer (Experienced People in Coastal Construction).

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Kristine Hayes CID Project Designer
Rodney Breazile Project Mangager


Quotes of current references of our work. Full copies of letters available upon request!

Dear Kristine & Rodney, 7-19-09

Thank you for both always looking out after our houses. It certainly puts my mind at ease to know that you are around acting as our eyes and ears to make sure: 1.) everything is in order 2.) only necessary work is being preformed and 3.) all is a above or up to your meticulous standards.
What more could anyone ask for?
Thanks for also taking the time to thoroughly answer all of of our questions despite the fact you may be juggling dozens of projects. You always treat our homes as if they were your own, and for that, I am especially gratefully. We truly lucked out to have you both as our Rockaway Beach Friends & Neighbors.

M. R.
Spring Lake Town homes/Oceanfront-Rockaway/Nedonna A sample of our latest correspondence-having completed 3 projects for the clients we now provide yearly maintenance when needed.---

Completed 09'

I would recommend SAI Design & Build to anyone currently looking to build a home from the ground up or plans on remodeling their current home.
The quality of workmanship in my Duplex is desired by everyone. I am so proud of the workmanship and quality that I have give SAI Design & Build permission to use my duplex as a showroom of their excellent quality & workmanship to show potential customers. SAI Design & Build have excellent relationships with their customers.

Duplex on the corner of 3rd & Pacific in the heart of Rockaway Beach

Competed 07'

SAI was recommended to us and they built us the perfect home. We have been totally satisfied with the design, construction and decorating of our cottage and the professional manner in which our needs were met at every step of the process. Not only did we get the house we wanted but we had a great experience with Kristine & Rodney. We would recommend them to anyone building on the coast.


Completed 09'

My overall experience with SAI was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a general contractor. I now live in my new home and I am very pleased with it.

Twin Rocks, Rockaway Beach


We were a bit apprehensive based on our experience of others. Our project was nearly stress-free. Our on site condominium management and and fellow owners all complimented SAI Design & Build on their communication, respect for other units, their general timeliness and overall the overall job site cleanliness. They have completed our project and we are completely satisfied. We are happy to be able to recommend SAI Design & Build without reservation.

Rock Creek Condominiums, Oceanfront Rockaway Beach


It was a most pleasurable experience to work with you. You responded to our calls and concerns quickly always keeping us up to date on the projects progress.
White Dove Estates